About Disability Tax Service


Disability Tax Service was established in 2009 with one goal in mind, to provide Canadians peace of mind knowing that their disability tax credit applications are in good hands.

While working for a law firm in Ottawa, I discovered that individuals who applied for the disability tax credit were denied for making minor errors in their applications. More often than not, omissions of seemingly innocent details led to not getting approved for the disability tax credit, RDSP and other benefits. These mistakes result in the loss of thousands of dollars every year for many people.  Of those who managed to get approved, many were not getting full use of the disability tax credits and benefits available to them.

Another observation was that incorrect information and misconceptions about the eligibility criteria for the disability tax credit proliferated throughout the internet and among medical, tax and legal professionals.  The unfortunate result is people believing they do not meet the eligibility criteria because their medical professional or tax preparer incorrectly informed them, when in fact they do.

In 2009 I was asked to co-author a chapter in a reference book for financial advisors, lawyers and tax professionals entitled, The Trusted Advisors Survival Kit (T.A.S.K.) because of my extensive knowledge with getting people approved for the disability tax credit. Since that time I felt the need to assist as many Canadians as possible to get approved for the disability tax credit and other benefits.

Since 2009 I have assisted over a thousand people with getting approved for the disability tax credit. Many people with disabilities, who initially thought they wouldn’t qualify for anything have gone on to receive substantial tax refunds.

Hopefully we’ll be able to add you to our growing list of success stories!


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