Disability Tax Credit (DTC) ADHDADHD (Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder) is one of the most common mental health conditions affecting both children and adults in Canada.  ADHD is a complex condition that can cause a variety of symptoms but primarily; inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsive behaviour. It is further broken down into two types although someone can have symptoms of both, inattention and hyperactive/impulsive type. Individuals with both types of ADHD can qualify for the Disability Tax Credit (DTC) in Canada. This includes both children and adults. 

Benefits of the Disability Tax Credit for ADHD

By obtaining the DTC for ADHD, you can access several financial benefits, including:

  • Tax Credits/Disability Tax Credit Refund: Reduce your taxable income and save money on taxes.
  • Retrospective Claims: You can claim the DTC for up to ten years, resulting in a Disability Tax Credit Refund.
  • Child Disability Benefit: If your child has ADHD, you may also be eligible for additional support.
  • Result: Disability Tax Credit Refund of potentially over $40,000.

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  • Assist with the DTC application paperwork.
  • Maximize your DTC benefits to secure the most financial support possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions about ADHD and the DTC

  • Does ADHD qualify for the Disability Tax Credit in Canada?
    Yes, it does. Eligibility for the disability tax credit isn’t determined by the condition itself but by the symptoms someone experiences.
  • Can you get money for having ADHD in Canada?
    Yes, by getting approved for the disability tax credit, you may be eligible for a disability tax credit refund of $40,000 or more.
  • Is there a tax break for ADHD in Canada?
    Yes, the disability tax credit is a non-refundable tax credit of approximately $2,700 a year. More if you qualify for additional benefits (see Child Disability Benefit, Canada Caregiver Credit, RDSP to name a few)
  • What is the ADHD tax credit?
    The “ADHD tax Credit” is the disability tax credit for ADHD. It’s not a tax credit specifically for ADHD but someone with ADHD may qualify for the disability tax credit.