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Disability Tax Service Review








“Thank you so much for your time. I certainly appreciate your advice. You are a nice person.”
Garry M. Calgary, Alberta

“Thank you for your hard work. You have patiently explained a lot to me during this process.  Thank you again.”
Mike H. Sudbury, Ontario

“Thank you sooo much for your time and help. I really appreciate it.”
Jodie P.  Simcoe, Ontario

“I appreciate your quick response to all my questions during my application. Thank you for your time.”
Athena N. Winnipeg, Manitoba

“We appreciate your assistance in this. This is a little nest egg for us we certainly never expected and a little comfort in case an emergency ever arises. Thank you again.”
Art and Joan S. Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

“I want to thank you for all the work you have done. The laws change so fast that sometimes we don’t know if we are doing things right. Thanks again, and I will tell people about the tax credit for I know that a lot of them haven’t heard about it. I will give out your card as a reference. If I have any concerns in the future, I will contact you. I want to say that having an understanding, professional help out is wonderful.”
Bonnie M. London, Ontario

“WOW!! I really didn’t expect to be approved, but thanks to you and all your input and effort.  I’m sure that has a lot to do with this outcome. I thank you so much!”
Glen R. Kindersley, Saskatchewan

“I didn’t think I would be approved, but I was! I will forward your information to others who I know suffer more than I do. Thank you so much.”
Teresa D. Ottawa, Ontario

“Thank you for everything you have done. I will never forget all the time you put into helping me. Thank you.”
Susanne G. Calgary, Alberta

“I want to thank you for all your help.” 
Tony A. Glenwood, Newfoundland

“I really appreciate your quick response. Thank you again for everything and all of your assistance.”
Mélanie C. Windsor, Ontario

“That was a very good amount I never thought I would get that much. I can not thank you enough for your excellent work and kindness. Thank you again for everything,I want you to get your reward when it comes you worked so hard.”
Venilde F. Toronto, Ontario

“Thank you very much!”
Guy S. Grand Falls, Newfoundland

“Thank you, your assistance in all matters.  I compliment you on your fast, efficient replies. Have a good day.”
Lawrence N. Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario

“I wanted to thank you for the excellent service so far, your accuracy and attention to detail are so appreciated. I feel good service like that is so few and far between these days. Keep up the good work!”
Sara C. Kitchener, Ontario

“Thank you so much for answering all my questions throughout the process quickly.” 
Monina, N. Calgary, Alberta

“I want to thank you very much for taking all the time to handle my application. I truly appreciate it.” 
Maria F Brossard, Quebec

“Thank you; this was very appreciated.”
Carina S. Toronto, Ontario

“Thank you so very much.” 
George M. Halifax, Nova Scotia

“You are so quick responding, thank you! Thanks very much for all your help Peter.” 
Jane D. Alliston, Ontario

“Thank you.  You have been a great help!”
Judy B. London, Ontario

“Thank you for thoroughly explaining the process to me, step by step.  I appreciate the work you put into my case.”
Jessica W. Burnaby, B.C.

“Thank you, I appreciate the time you took to assess my situation! Once more, thank you!”
Sonia C. Windsor, Ontario

“Thank you for your help, Peter!” 
Gheli F. Vancouver, B.C.

“I am so excited!!!  NEVER in my life have I ever received a cheque like that. I am going to take a photocopy of it for the memory. I am very grateful for your help. So much more than I am sure you can imagine!”
-P.L. Toronto, Ontario

“This is a great Christmas present.  I got the cheque —  Wonderful. I can’t thank you enough– I would never have done it on my own. I will tell anyone I come in contact with about you.  Thank you ever so much!”
-E.M. Sydney Mines, Nova Scotia

“I want to thank you for your professional, courteous and prompt action. You have a way in how you correspond to your clients, so I hope you never change in your profession. Thanks for everything and never lose your excellent correspondence demeanour.”
-N.G., Parry Sound, Ontario

“Thank you so very much. Disability Tax Service is lucky to have such a compassionate, helpful Benefit Specialist working there.”
-N.R., Calgary, Alberta

“I like how you promptly answer my questions, and you are very informative. I like your caring thoughts. Thanks for everything.”
-W.B, Edmonton, Alberta

“Thanks so much, I was not expecting to be approved. But I want to say that we will definitely recommend your services no hesitations there! Greatly appreciated again!”
-K.L and M.L, Catalina, Newfoundland and Labrador

“We all want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all of your assistance and guidance. It worked! You are my mom’s earth angel!”
-J.S. and family, Caledon, Ontario

“Once again I would like to thank you. The money sure came in handy. Other people should know about this too. You did a great job. Thank you for your kindness and all your hard work.”
-W. and N. S. St. John’s, NL

“I have been extremely happy with your services. So I have passed your information on to others I know. I explained to them the great help you have been and told them they should contact you.”
K.V, North Bay, Ontario

“Thank you for all your help!”
-J.C., Mississauga, Ontario